Slasher: Cast - Steve Byers

Cam Henry

Steve Byers

Cam’s father Alan, was at the Bennett house when Sarah’s parents were murdered by the Executioner. He barely escaped with his life, leading him to devote his life to God. As a result, Cam's relationship with his dad was never warm and fuzzy but it did instill in him a sense of right and wrong (hence why he joined the police force). Cam's got a big heart - just ask Sarah, his childhood friend. Cam is married to June, a paramedic. It's unclear whether the two of them are the most attractive couple on the planet, or merely in the top percentile. Handsome, upstanding, dependable. Is Cam too good to be true?

About Steve Byers

Steve Byers graduated with honors from Unionville School for the Arts. Not long after, he quickly amassed an impressive list of both film and television credits. He can be seen as Lawrence Clemm in Ridley Scott's epic The Man in The High Castle for Amazon. Other television roles include Desaad on CW's Smallville villain Desaad; ABC's Falcon Beach; John Bennett in Syfy's Alphas and Steve Kowalski in Lifetime's Against the Wall.

On the big screen, Steve can be seen as Heracles in Immortals as well as the action film Gridlocked

You can follow him on Twitter @TheSteveByers.