Blade TV Show

Enter a world of vampires, vampire hunters, and all the killer action of the original film trilogy with Blade: The Series. Picking up where the Blade films left off, Blade meets a young woman named Krista (Jill Wagner) who is dead-set on avenging the death of her brother at the hands of an evil vampire organization. When Krista is injected with vampire blood, Blade offers his begrudging help in the form of his “serum” designed to control vampire instincts. Thus, begins the reluctant partnership between Krista and Blade, a team who will stop at nothing to bring down the infamous vampire house of Chthon.  Created by David Goyer (writer for The Dark Knight and Man of Steel) and Geoff Johns (writer for Smallville, Arrow and The Flash), Blade: The Series is an exciting and bloody ride exploring the darker side of the Marvel universe.