The Boy: Cast: Mike Vogel


Mike Vogel

A father staying at the Mountain Vista Motel.

About Mike Vogel

MIKE VOGEL made his first television appearance on a Nickelodeon game show, and was shortly thereafter cast on the series Grounded for Life. Since then, he has appeared in movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Poseidon, the 2006 remake of the disaster classic. His breakout performance as Jason Hawkins in Cloverfield lead to even more roles in hit films such as Blue Valentine, and 2011's The Help. Mike’s TV work continues to bring a host of memorable characters to life such as Dean Lowrey on the short-lived but brilliant Pan Am, and as Deputy Zack Shelby on Bates Motel. Mike currently plays the lead role of Dale “Barbie” Barbara on the hit show Under the Dome and he can be seen in the Syfy mini-series Childhood’s End. Mike is married to model Courtney Vogel, and is the father of three daughters and two pugs.