The Boy: Cast: Rainn Wilson

William Colby

Rainn Wilson

A traveler who arrives at the Mountain Vista Motel under mysterious circumstances.

About Rainn Wilson

RAINN WILSON (Wade) starred in the long-running NBC Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award-winning series for Best Comedy, The Office. In it, he endeared himself to millions and earned two Emmy nominations with his portrayal of Dwight Schrute. Prior to his work on The Office, Wilson was best known for his role as ‘Arthur Martin,’ the pitiable mortician’s apprentice on HBO’s Emmy Award winning television series Six Feet Under. His other film credits include The Last Mimzy; Ivan Reitman’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend; Sahara; Mario Van Peebles’ Baadasssss; Steven Soderbergh’s Full Frontal; Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous; America’s Sweethearts; House of 1,000 Corpses, and Galaxy Quest. Before working on The Boy together, Wilson joined Elijah Wood in the SpectreVision production of Cooties. He is currently starring in the Fox Network series Backstrom.