Sep 22, 2017

13 Reasons Why Bruce Campbell Is Awesome

Article By: Tyler Doupe

Fan boys go crazy for Bruce Campbell in a way that you rarely see. He has the ability to make a grown man wet his pants with excitement. He’s even irresistible to the ladies (and some gentleman, as well). But those are just a few of the infinite reasons we are so fond of him. In celebration of all things groovy, we are counting down 13 reasons we love Bruce Campbell. Read on for our top picks and be sure to let us know why you love Bruce on our Facebook page. Hail to the king!

1. His style is unique and wouldn’t work on anyone else

I can’t think of another human being that could get away with wearing some of Bruce’s more…colorful getups but he owns his unique sense of style and he pulls it off. 


2. He is the king of one-liners

Campbell has gifted us with so many well-delivered one-liners throughout his career. Who could forget “Give me some sugar, Baby” from Army of Darkness or “Try not to blow anybody until I get back” from My Name is Bruce. Or more recently, “Yo Granny, hope you took your Geritol because it’s time to dance” from Ash vs. Evil Dead. There are so many well-timed punch lines more from his prolific career and there’s surely more quotable dialogue to come in future seasons of Ash vs. Evil Dead.


3. His charm translates across multiple mediums

Bruce Campbell is accomplished in a variety of fields. He has enjoyed success as an author, a television actor, and a feature film star. He even has his own film festival. Is there anything this man can’t do? 


4. He was Ronald Reagan in season two of "Fargo"

Not only was Bruce Campbell in the feature film Fargo (on the TV in the cabin scene) he also convincingly portrayed former US President Ronald Reagan in season two of the FX television series.


5. He understands and embraces the campy nature of the roles he plays

Bruce Campbell has played some extremely over-the-top and outrageous characters during his time in the spotlight. But what makes him so likable is that he is fully aware that he often plays hammy roles in silly films and he never takes himself or his work too seriously. He always appears to be having a great deal of fun.


6. His middle name is Lorne

He’s a classy guy with a classy and uncommon middle name. What’s not to like?


7. He was the best thing about Burn Notice

Campbell was absolutely perfect as the fast-talking, hard-drinking Sam Axe on the USA original Burn Notice. His one-liners were always amusing and as per usual, he delivered them with aplomb. And he managed to look cool wearing an assortment of Hawaiian shirts. 


8. He can rock a chainsaw appendage like nobody’s business

Campbell’s character Ash Williams sports a chainsaw hand like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He makes me wish I had the occasion to lop of my hand and replace it with a kick-ass power tool. 


9. He recorded the "Bubba Ho-Tep" commentary track in character as Elvis

In a very Bruce Campbell move, the actor recorded the entire commentary track to Bubba Ho-Tep in character as Elvis. He never broke character and made plenty of cracks about Bruce Campbell’s performance in the film. 


10. He does a brilliant Stephen Colbert impression

When Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless were promoting Ash vs. Evil Dead on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Campbell sat down in Colbert’s chair and did a spot on impression of the television host. You can check out a clip from the episode right here


11. He is always quick to express gratitude for his fans

Campbell has spoken (on several occasions) about how he is grateful to his fans for forcing Ash vs. Evil Dead to happen and he is always quick to attribute the show’s success to them. He recognizes that he is where he is at because of his supporters. 


12. He is extremely versatile

In addition to his frequent work in the horror genre, Campbell has played historical figures like Ronald Reagan as well as done voice work in the animated family film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. There’s really nothing he cannot do. 


13. He did a couple of hilarious Old Spice commercials in the Mid 2000s

Campbell appeared in two Old Spice commercials about ten years ago and they are both brilliant. The one where he is singing ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ to a group of supermodels is particularly memorable. If you have somehow not yet seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out right here

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