Oct 4, 2013

13 Movies That Will Keep You Far Away From Water

Article By: Chiller

We're totally stoked for the premiere of the Chiller original, Beneath (airing October 4th at 9pm ET and repeated a bunch). Beneath is all about a big old mean, scary, hungry thing that lives in a lake and eats teenagers. Which is a problem that often happens in horror movies. In fact, water, in general, is a really bad place to be if you're in a horror movie. So let's celebrate water, the most dangerous of settings, with thirteen movies that will make you want to avoid it at all costs.

1. Jaws (1975)

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Duh. The mother of all "stay out of the water" movies - so much so that it actually helped bring the phrase into the cultural vernacular. Unless you've been living under a rock, Jaws is the story of a big-ass, really angry, really hungry great white shark that terrorizes an island community during the summer. Only local sheriff (Roy Scheider), marine biologist (Richard Dryfeuss) and angry boat captain (Robert Shaw) can catch it and stop it. So much can be said about Jaws (books have been written about it), but all we'll say is that it's a really, really good movie and spawned Jaws: The Revenge, which is perhaps the most ridiculous movie sequel of all time (no offense to Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo).


2. Open Water (2003)

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Speaking of sharks, this 2003 movie is filled with a cadre of them. When a couple gets left behind on a diving expedition, they find themselves floating in the middle of the ocean and surrounded by circling sharks. What follows is a 90 minute mind-f**k where the audience can't help but put themselves in the same desolate, hopeless situation as the characters. What impact this had on the deep sea diving industry is unknown.


3. Lake Placid (1999)

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Betty White! A giant alligator! Betty White swearing! A bear getting eaten whole! Betty White feeding a cow to a giant crocodile! Did we mention Betty White?


4. The Host (2006)

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This Korean film is about a monster, created as the result of pollutants, running amok. It's just a great, old fashioned monster movie given a modern twist (unlike Godzilla or other monster movie ancestors, this creature actually moves fast).


5. Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)

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Yes, there was a sequel, but it really has nothing to do with the first. There's no creature here, just a scary situation that could actually happen: A group of friends yachting jump into the ocean for a day of swimming, only to realize nobody bothered to throw down a ladder so they could get back on the boat. What's worse, two of the characters' infant daughter is still on the boat. Also, it stars McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy who spends the whole movie in a bathing suit.



6. Orca (1977)

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Other than Free Willy, this is the most terrifying movie about a killer whale. After a boat captain kills his mate and unborn child, a really pissed off Orca seeks revenge, which includes terrorizing a town and biting Bo Derek's leg off. Featuring Charlotte Rampling as a whale expert!


7. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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This killer shark movie boasts a diverse, and pretty reputable cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Stellan Skarsgard, Michael Rappaport, LL Cool J and Sopranos star Aida Turturro (as a helicopter pilot!). The plot starts off bonkers - sharks get super smart as a result of genetic manipulation in an attempt to cure Alzheimers - but quickly turns into sharks-eating-people-who-constantly-try-to-kill-them. A good time.




8. Triangle (2010)

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This Australian thriller is Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None mixed with Lost. A unique narrative structure and some surprising twists (to get into them would not only spoil the plot, but take up three paragraphs) make this a fun, and unpredictable, ride. Look for a pre-Hunger Games (and Miley) Liam Hemsworth.


9. Black Water (2007)

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Another Australian horror film (what's with Australians and water?), this time the setting is inland, in the Mangrove Seas area of Northern Austrailia. A husband and wife and her younger sister go on a fishing trip, only to be hunted by massive crocodiles. A naturalistic, non-special effects driven story, cleverly shot and edited, build the tension. What's more frightening is that its based on true events.


10. Piranha (1978)

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The 2010 3D remake is awesome and hilarious, but we have to pay homage to the 1978 original. A school of man eating piranha, genetically engineered to kill the Viet Cong (!), are on the loose and terrorize a small town. An insurance agent and a drunk (naturally) have to stop them before they spread to the ocean! This movie is very 70s, very fun and is notable for featuring Nikki Newman from The Young and the Restless in a supporting role.


11. Flipper (1996)

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This movie is completely terrifying. See for yourself.


12. Creepshow 2 (1987)

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"The Raft," one of of four stories in this horror anthology, features a group of teenagers who lounge on a wooden raft in the middle of a lake (you know, one of those platform things you can rest on). They find themselves surrounded by a black, oily THING that starts to pick them off. The "creature" is certainly weird, but the truly unexpected ending is what makes this one stand out. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't watch the below:


13. Beneath (2013)

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Of course we are including this Chiller original on here! Yes, we have a healthy dose of self-love, but this movie comes from the awesome Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter) and is pretty freaky. Six teenagers spend what they think will be a quiet day on the lake, only to be plagued by....something (hint, it's big and ugly). Throw in a disturbing (yet oddly effective) strategy of sacrificing each other, and you've got a twisted original.

Find out times you can see Beneath here. 

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