Nov 24, 2017

13 Horror Movie Parents That Should Have Had Their Kids Taken Away

Article By: Tyler Doupe

There are examples of bad parenting everywhere. Some parents publically humiliate their children; others use manipulation tactics; some even physically abuse their brood. But as heinous as the aforementioned acts are, it would be hard to top the levels to which some of the patriarchs and matriarchs from our favorite horror films have gone. 

We now present: 13 horror movie parents that should have had their children taken away.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the Chiller TV Facebook Page.

1. Jack Torrance in "The Shining"

It’s safe to say that Jack Torrance was unhinged before he ever arrived at The Overlook Hotel. In fact, he was so unhinged that he dislocated poor Danny’s shoulder in a fit of alcohol-induced rage. One could easily argue that Danny should have been taken away from Jack before they ever even arrived at The Overlook but Jack’s behavior after stepping foot on the premises really sealed the deal. Under no circumstances can one reason away the attempted murder of their wife and son. Although (Spoiler Alert) something tells me Jack won’t be bothering Wendy or Danny anytime soon.


2. Margaret White in "Carrie"

Margaret White may just be the worst kind of parent under the sun. She uses religion as a weapon to control and humiliate her only daughter. And she lords over Carrie and punishes her for being the byproduct of sin. As such, Carrie has never known unconditional love and must live under the same roof as a fanatic who tries to make her feel ashamed for wanting to show off her dirty pillows.


3. Mommy and Daddy in "The People Under the Stairs"

It’s hard to think of a more despicable act than an incestuous couple kidnapping children, holding them captive, and physically removing any body part that dare offend their delicate sensibilities. Making matters worse, anyone that dare speak any form of evil is banished to live under the stairs. Although the couple in this film consider themselves to be ‘parents’ to their victims, they are anything but. 


4. Jerry Blake in "The Stepfather" films

Jerry Blake is a perfectionist with an angry streak. He wants the perfect nuclear family and anyone that stands in his way will pay…with his or her life. Jerry should have had his children taken away and been sent to prison long ago. But somehow, he continues to slip through the cracks and or escape captivity. He always finds a way to start over with a new, unsuspecting family. Until the end of the third film, that is.


5. Chris Cleek in "The Woman"

The twisted shit Chris Cleek gets up to in Lucky McKee’s The Woman is almost too reprehensible to put into words. But I will try. The patriarch of the Cleek clan imprisons a woman from a vicious tribe in an attempt to ‘civilize’ her. He rapes her and badly abuses her, even influencing his son to follow in his footsteps. Cleek is a well-respected lawyer by day and, as such, manages to avoid being exposed as the savage he is. Fortunately, Cleek’s captive has the last laugh in the end.


6. Guy Woodhouse in "Rosemary’s Baby"

In addition to having his child taken away, I hope Guy Woodhouse’s wife divorces him. She would certainly have good cause. Impregnating your blushing bride with the spawn of Satan in exchange for a break in your career is grounds for divorce in all fifty states, to the best of my knowledge.


7. Mrs. Loomis in "Scream 2"

Mrs. Loomis (AKA Debbi Salt) has a few screws loose and she seems to have passed her murderous tendencies onto her son Billy. Perhaps if the legal system had intervened at a younger age, Billy might have been spared from the anguish that caused him to set out on a misguided (is there any other kind) murder spree.


8. Harry Cooper in "Night of the Living Dead"

Perhaps Harry Cooper’s worst offense as a parent is setting an awful example for his daughter. He belittles his wife and behaves in an ultra surly manner towards those around him. If his daughter had lived, she would likely have grown up to be a miserable person, incapable of getting along with anyone around her. Karen would quite possibly have been better off as a ward of the state. She probably wouldn’t have ended up as a zombie who ate and killed her parents that way.


9. Mother from "Mother’s Day" (1980)

Mother certainly thought she was taking impeccable care of her boys but anyone else would likely beg to differ. Ike and Adley are completely out of control and well on their way to being just as awful as she is. Had someone noticed just how wretched a parent she was when Adley and Ike were youngsters the boys may have had a chance. But as it stands, I think it is safe to say that they are beyond the point of being rescued. 


10. Norma Bates in "Psycho"

Norma Bates was an awful woman during life and continues to haunt her son, even in death. So much so that young Norman has held onto her corpse and speaks to her as if she were still among the living. Norma belittled her son at every chance she got and drove him to see sex as something to be ashamed of. Clearly, that didn’t work out very well. Had Norman been taken away from his mother at a young age, we would likely never have come to know him as we do.


11. Daddy from "The Loved Ones"

Daddy from The Loved Ones has created a monster in his daughter Lola. Always treating her as his ‘Princess’ and giving her everything she wants—no matter what the cost to anyone else, going so far as to kidnap Lola’s crush to subject him to the most twisted Prom in history. Some people should never have been parents and Lola’s father is clearly one of those people. 


12. Pamela Voorhees in "Friday the 13th"

Poor Pamela Voorhees. Her son, Jason wasn’t a very good swimmer. And when the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake should have been watching him, what were they doing? Well, they were making love, of course. While we may never know for certain, I think it’s fairly safe to say that good old Pam was at least a little off long before Jason’s death. Jason’s untimely demise may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. But she wasn’t playing with a full deck to start with. I can only imagine what kind of dysfunction poor Jason was subjected to as a young boy. If only someone had intervened and given him a safe and healthy home, he might have led a less violent life.


13. Dad Meiks from "Frailty"

While there is evidence to suggest that Dad Meiks was doing God’s work, that doesn’t mean that he was fit to be a parent. Locking your son in a hole in the ground because he is a demon is inexcusable even if you spawn is a demon. A well-adjusted dad would have gotten the boy some therapy or exercised even a modicum of common sense in resolving whatever might have been wrong with his son. Some people just aren’t cut out to be parents. 

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