Mar 11, 2016

13 Ghostbusters Items for True Fans

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With the release of the rebooted Ghostbusters movie just months away, there’s not much time to stockpile the best and the strangest this franchise has to offer. 

1. Ghostbusters Logo Silicon Ice Tray

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Dr. Peter Venkman is no stranger to the sauce, and so this item would be perfect for him, his ghostly guests, and his fans. A silicon ice tray that helps mold ice into the form of the Ghostbusters logo would be the pièce de résistance for any series viewing party. In a modern world quickly becoming one that embraces man buns, cat cafes, and artisanal ice, this ice tray is both a throwback and a product of its time.

Buy it here.


2. Vigo the Carpathian Painting Replica

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Nothing screams fandom like a giant replica of the portrait of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II hanging on your wall, imposing its ominous and massive presence over you and your family. Is that Vigo breathing down the back of your neck? It could be! Vigo used to be a formidable 16th century despot and dark magic enchanter, before he was brought back to life and became a 20th century despot and dark magic enchanter. What’s great about this product is that it comes complete with Vigo’s stern gaze and post-apocalyptic backdrop, but without the river of re-animating plasma that can really make a mess of carpeting. 

Buy it here.


3. Ectoplasm Lip Balm

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All true fans have done it, we know. You watch the first two Ghostbusters movies, the otherworldly visitors let loose their ectoplasm calling cards all over walls and people, even Venkman gets some in his mouth, and you think to yourself, “What does that stuff taste like?” Well, wonder no further, because this Etsy store actually sells ectoplasm citrus-flavored lip balm that you can use to pretend you’re lathering up your lips with the real stuff. Though it bears none of the supernatural qualities or traces of the undead that real ectoplasm does, it does have cocoa butter. 

Buy it here.


4. Ghost Trapper Lunch Box

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Now, we know what you’re thinking: this is not a real ghost trapper, is it? No, it’s not. It’s a lunchbox. But it can’t act like a trapper if you use it properly. Coworkers bring all kinds of otherworldly stuff to lunch, and real Ghostbusters fans can take this opportunity to stem a potential supernatural outbreak before it has the chance to erupt. That two-day old tuna melt on rye? Trap it. That sprouting, half-eaten, opened yogurt on the third shelf? Trap it. Consider it your first test as a true blue Ghostbuster.

Oh, and you can also use it to hide your pre-bought snacks when you watch the reboot in theaters in July.

Buy it here.


5. Retro Seiko Digital Watch

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Who needs a smartwatch when you can have a vintage Seiko digital watch, the same kind that Venkman wears in the movies, and one that can take voice notes? This Seiko M516-4009 is original from 1983, if not from the actual Ghostbusters set, and instantly transports your wrist (and the rest of you, too) to a period in New York City’s history when it was undergoing intense social and economic upheaval. And also to when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man threatened to decimate everything from the Flat Iron to Central Park. 

Buy it here.


6. Cream Puft Ghostbuster Body Lotion

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Luckily, the Ghostbusters intervened and blew the monstrous marshmallow to bits…and all over the city as well. If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a bath in Stay Puft’s gooey droppings, with or without one of the cast, here’s your chance: a body lotion that smells like burnt marshmallow (mmm) and feels like the insides of a demonically possessed s’mores ingredient. Cast member of your choice not included.

Buy it here.


7. Proton Pack with Functioning Lights and Sound

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Alright, this is the real deal people. As far as fan replica goes, this Ghostbusters proton pack looks pretty darn close to the ones from the movies. Dr. Egon Spengler designed these machines to drain ghosts of their energy and make them more susceptible to capture (in that lunchbox of yours, right?). How a real (a.k.a. non-replica) proton pack works is quite simple: using a particle accelerator inside the pack, the owner can focus a powerful beam of positively charged protons, which then attract the negatively charged matter that makes up a ghost, and allow the wielder to control the ghost and ultimately hover it over the trapper. The replica, on the other hand, looks really cool and will surely win you lots of best Halloween costume prizes.

Buy it here.


8. Ghostbusters Cereal

You can’t begin a day full of ghostbusting without a balanced breakfast. And that means a bowlful of Ghostbusters cereal — the original, now very stale kind that was discontinued in 1990. The cereal was branded differently from 1985 to 1990 depending on which iteration of the franchise was most recent, but always featured the same fruit-flavored (emphasis on the flavored) Ghostbuster logo-shaped oat crisps. This original commercial sums up the cereal’s brand perfectly: ghosts were no longer interested in possessing people’s bodies, just in getting them nourished. 


9. Original Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Toy

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Ever hear of Galoob? In 1985, within a year after the first Ghostbusters came out, this toy manufacturer released a not-so-life-sized version of the 150-foot character from the film. Their Stay Puft Man was approximately one hundred times smaller than the one terrorizing the Upper West Side, but it’s got all the cute. On the tag read the following message:

“What could be more fun than the 150 foot Stay Puft Man in Ghostbusters? How about the 18 inch Stay Puft Man coming to live with you?”

And who knows, maybe one day it will become possessed by a malign force that wishes to destroy an entire city. 

Learn more here.


10. Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game

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You’ve got your Ghostbusters ice tray popping out branded ice cubes; you’re puckered up with some ectoplasm lip balm; Vigo the Carpathian is looming large over your living room; and there’s plenty of Ghostbuster cereal in the snack tray. All you need now is an entertaining role-playing game to engage all the guests you’re about to have. How about Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role-Playing Game, which was released by West End Games in 1986? You and your friends get to operate a now-successful Ghostbusters franchise in 1980s New York City, triumphing over all manner of supernatural foe. Play as your favorite characters, wield their technologically incredible weapons, and reap the rewards of the board.

Learn more here.


11. Ghostbusters Trading Cards

[[{"fid":"297709","view_mode":"preview","fields":{"format":"default"},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"158","width":"237","class":"media-element file-preview","alt":""},"link_text":null,"mediaType":"image","location":"d076802e-60d5-4641-9853-4a1d77e39c85","version":"1"}]]

If you’re bemoaning the devaluation of baseball and Pokémon cards on the market, fear no more: Cryptozoic has released a whole new line of Ghostbusters branded trading cards in anticipation of the reboot’s success. These cards feature snapshots of the best scenes in the first two movies, artwork, behind the scenes photos, quotes and more. And if you’re lucky, you can find a special card autographed by one of your favorite cast members.

Learn more here.


12. Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

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Right on the box, the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters set says, “16+”. That means, if you’re above the age of sixteen, you need this in your life. Can you imagine what the Ghostbusters are paying in rent for their three-story HQ, and you can have a miniature plus the leading cast? Slimer’s in there. It’s the little things.

Buy it here.


13. The Real Ghostbusters: Odd Knob Logo

[[{"fid":"297711","view_mode":"preview","fields":{"format":"default"},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"158","width":"237","class":"media-element file-preview","alt":""},"link_text":null,"mediaType":"image","location":"93323271-ae23-49e3-9c5d-da68015d0764","version":"1"}]]

You should be able to tell a true Ghostbusters fan before even stepping foot in their home. Is there a The Real Ghostbusters: Odd Knob Logo doorknob on the front handle? If the answer is yes — they’ve just been busted. In 1987, the Odd Knob Logo was one of four products released as part of the Superior’s The Real Ghostbusters campaign for the animated TV series, and it’s by far the most versatile, too. Not only can you stick it on your door knob, but you can stick it on your gear shifter in your car, and you can even stick it on other people’s door knobs.

Learn more here.

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