What is Chiller?

Chiller is the scream-inducing entertainment network devoted exclusively to the horror and thriller genres, delivering audiences all the hair-raising scares and midnight terrors of the late-night witching hour 24-hours a day. From the nostalgic nightmares of classic horror to the frightening visions of the modern masters, Chiller offers a blood-soaked assortment of series, reality and feature programing guaranteed to quicken your pulse and disturb your sleep. And with a slate of upcoming original films, the Chiller Next series for the horror elite and our weekly, Friday night premieres, there's no destination on cable more terrifying.

How do I find out when my favorite shows and movies will be airing?

They say that you should never see a good scare coming, but with Chiller's easy-to-use search function and detailed schedule page, you can always tell where the latest horrors are lurking...Simply click on the Schedule tab at the top of the page for a quick overview of each day's programming, or type in the name of your favorite film or program in the right-hand search bar for a detailed list of upcoming showtimes.

What is the Chiller Next brand I keep seeing on the site?

Great horror is always moving forward, pushing boundaries, spilling blood on the cutting edge. Chiller NEXT offers even the most dedicated horror fan a terrifying glimpse at the most innovative and gut-wrenching material from the genre's fiercest filmmakers. Looking for a challenge? Tune in to Chiller for all the frightful extremes from the Chiller NEXT label.

How can I get Chiller? My cable provider doesn't carry it!

Just scream for it! Or, if you're not quite the scream-queen, simply click on the 'Get Chiller' box to the right of the page and enter your zip code for all the information necessary to stalk your local cable company.

Where can I find Chiller on Facebook or Twitter?

You can currently find Chiller spreading goosebumps throughout the social network on both Twitter and Facebook. For easy access to both pages, check out the Twitter and Facebook bars to the right of the screen. Become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at our horrifying handle @ChillerTV.

Can I also get my daily fix of horror updates here at Chiller?

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and count backward from ten. We'll soon be plaguing your dreams with all the horror highlights, news and industry commentary required to satisfy your bloodlust. Check back with ChillerTV.com in the coming weeks for more exciting content, bringing you a better look at the horror and thriller genres and offering Chiller fans a sneak peek at tomorrow's programing today.

How do I get in touch with other Chiller fans?

Horror hounds unite! Why wait for the latest convention to convene with your fellow fright fans when you can check out the official Chiller forums right here? Discuss your favorite programs, best jump scares, goriest kills, etc. here on the boards and don't forget to leave us your suggestions and comments as we continue to increase our programming (as well as the bodycount) on ChillerTV.

I live on the west coast. When can I watch Chiller's programming?

Chiller operates off a single, East Coast feed. Subsequently, the showtimes for all films and series on the Chiller schedule are represented in Eastern Standard Time. For example, if you are a California resident and wish to watch a program scheduled for 9:00P EST, you would tune into Chiller at 6:00P PST due to the three-hour time difference between each coast. Check Chiller's schedule frequently for program updates and more.

Your Channel Guide is giving me incorrect information. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to feedback@chillertv.com. Include the show you want information about and tell us specifically what the error in the schedule seems to be...Is it a broken link? Is the information out of date? Is it misspelled? Please be as detailed about the error as possible.

I see out-of-date information and/or a broken link. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to feedback@chillertv.com with all the appropriate details and we will make sure that the correct information and/or link is represented on the site.